Presidential Welcome Address

Dear Friends,

As we were taking a sigh of relief that covid pandemic is over, soon came second wave! Indeed, life is a rollercoaster if I may put it so. Whenever life looks perfect and everything hunky-dory there is a sudden turn of events and it gets topsy-Turvy with a gloom and depression all around. So very like neurosurgery! Isn’t it ? Everything going well, all surgical procedures yielding wonderful results and one feels as if on cloud nine! A slight professional arrogance starts creeping in and so does complacency. But alas! Soon this heavenly dream is shattered with a string of complications even in the most ordinary procedures, at times with unexpected deaths. Ever grateful relatives of patients suddenly turn hostile. The confident cheerful neurosurgeon becomes full of remorse and self doubts. Whether it is covid pandemic or complications in neurosurgery, these are God’s ways to teach us humility, sensitivity, compassion and respect for nature and other human beings. Let’s learn our lessons with a bow.

How long this second wave will continue? When life will be back to its normal rhythm? When the business of neurosciences will start running offline and really rather then virtually? No one knows. Till then, I am afraid, we have to conduct our all activities online and virtually. It may not be a desirable situation but still let’s try to see the positive aspects of it. Any given conference, world over, was attracting a particular number of registrations only but in online webinars and virtual conferences, many times, the number of participants has been amazing! There is hardly any loss in the quality of material presented and discussions are also wholesome and fruitful. Honestly, personally I find the virtual webinars and conferences more educative and informative. The minus side is that there is such an overwhelming barrage of webinars and online educative activities that one gets tired and fatigued. The other minuses of course are lack of fellowship and the charm of going to newer places, so very important to give respite to neuroscientists from their mundane professional affairs. I have a feeling, and a desire, that future conferences are going to be hybrid with much wider reach the world over.

The flow of work which had started to swell has again started thinning due to second wave. Let’s try to utilise the available spare time learning new things, developing new hobbies and honing the existing ones. Hobbies act as shock absorbers and keep one sane in the thin and thick of life. Hobbies need to be different then the profession, Okk guys! Lets give more time to our families. Let’s feel human rather then just neuroscientists! Patience, perseverance and confidence finally pays as it has on our north-east borders! Things are bound to get normal, believe me.
Three cheers for NSI

Dr Lokendra Singh
President NSI