Dear NSI Members,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the initiation of a new academic forum on our NSI website. This will give all of us an opportunity to test our academic acumen, disseminate knowledge and enhance our communication with each other. We request you to wholeheartedly contribute to this endeavour to make it a grand success.

The NSI academic forum would be under the following subheadings:

1. Case under spotlight: An entire case with clinical/operative photographs, their legends and the patient management will be summarised in about 5-6 photographs, their legends and a small paragraph of discussion. The entire write-up should not be of more than 500 words.

2.Question collage: Three multiple-choice questions related to the “Case under spotlight” will be presented and answers exhibited on the website at the end of the month. We request you to contribute to the “Case under spotlight” and “Question collage” as well as write to the “Feedback forum” regarding your opinion/management protocol for the case.

3. Management dilemma: A short history and preoperative radiology of a patient with two photographs will be presented with pertinent questions and the readers will be asked to express their opinion regarding the patient’s management in the “Feedback forum.” At the end of the month, the way the case was managed by the contributing author will be presented.

4. Resident’s niche: A small write up of basic anatomy, clinical note, histology, radiology or management in only be one paragraph of less than 300 words will be presented.

5. Opinion-O-metre: A single question may be asked and as soon as it is answered in “Yes, No or Not sure,” the real-time score will be exhibited to the reader participating in the opinion poll. A clock will also reveal the total number of responses recorded at that point in time for that particular question.

6. Feedback forum: Opinions expressed by the readers along with their name and institution will be exhibited. Anonymous letters, however, will not be entertained. This may be related to any of the above mentioned five sections.

While contributing cases, we request you to kindly maintain patient confidentiality in photographs and text. A certification on the senior author’s letter-head signed by all authors stating that all of them have read the case manuscript (entitled: )and approve its final form; that this case has neither been accepted, published nor copyrighted by any other journal ; and, there are no conflict of issue matters associated with the manuscript, would be a mandatory accompaniment as a scanned document attached with the e mail. This however would not be required for contributions to the “Feedback forum.” All material published on the website will be duly acknowledged. The editors of the website reserve the right to edit the readers contributions especially with regard to corrections in English language, brevity and propriety. The contributors will be solely responsible for their opinions and the ethical issues associated with their contributions.

The cases with photographs may be sent as word files and high resolution JPEG images to all of the e mail addresses: centraloffice.nsi@gmail.com

This is your website. We solicit your active participation by sending us interesting cases managed by you.

Date: December 13th - 16th 2018 Jaipur. Rajasthan
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