Presidential Welcome Address

I wish to thank each and every one of you for reposing faith in me and entrusting me with the responsibility to lead this august premier body of neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuro-allied specialists. It is a tremendous commitment and I assure you that I will do my utmost to fulfill it.
We are passing through turbulent and challenging times. A small virus has severely disrupted the whole world and has modified the way we work and live. We have adapted our social, professional and personal interactions in consonance with the altered milieu. Keeping up with the need of the hour, the Neurological Society of India shifted its activities to the online platform, and consequently,even the NSI Annual Conference was held virtually. However, I do believe that better tidings are around the corner and we will soon find a more congenial and acceptable normal. I will strive to make the new norm as near normal as possible.
For far too long, and rightly so, we have been focusing on the disease itself - to alleviate the suffering of our fellow brethren.In addition to that we also need to focus on the two end spectrums of disease – the prevention of disease and mitigating the aftermath of disease. Neuro-rehabilitation has made tremendous strides in recent times. This is based on the realization that neuroplasticity is not restricted to the very young as believed earlier.Furthermore, there is the development of advanced rehabilitation technologies like robotic neuro-rehabilitation, functional electrical stimulation, exoskeletons and brain computer interphase, amongst others. This field is relatively under developed in our country and my aim will be to help enhance these facilities for making our disabled patients functionally better.
We are still overwhelmed by the impact of head injury in our country. Occurring often in young patients, it robs them of their most productive years and the country of many work years. Actionable points for prevention include improving the condition of roads, improving the safety features of vehicles, implementation of traffic rules, safe driving and avoiding drunk driving. An unrealized and oft ignored actionable point is to avoid drowsy driving. I am sure that all of us have experienced this feeling while driving at some point in our lives. What is not realized, even by medical professionals, is the severe impact of even mild sleep deprivation on the response time and its contribution to causing accidents. Microsleep episodes have been demonstrated to occur with sleep deprivation in which the person stops responding to external stimuli totally for a brief period. This makes drowsy driving much worse than drunk driving. A drunk person is slow to respond to an adverse situation – but he responds. In a microsleep episode the person does not respond to an adverse situation at all and a couple of seconds is all it takes for a catastrophe to occur. I intend to spread awareness of this issue so as to make people aware of the disastrous consequences of this common happening.
Lastly – this Society is yours – it belongs to each and every one of you. It has to move in a direction which all of you collectively want. Over the years, the NSI has evolved to fulfill your aspirations and desires. New initiatives have been undertaken by the office bearers to satisfy the needs of the members. I assure you that this will continue. I am available to one and all – do keep in touch with me and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I am only a phone call or a message away. I promise to strive to fulfill all your aspirations and continue to take the Society to greater heights. With best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022.
VP Singh

Address from Secretary

Dear Members of NSI,
Namaskarams, Season’s Greetings and Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year.
At the outset I would like to thank each one of you for the trust reposed in me, to occupy the post of Hon Secretary of the NSI. This is special for me, as it was a post occupied by my Guru Prof B Ramamurthi, as founder- secretary, especially when this is his birth centenary year.
I would also like to thank my predecessors who have laid a strong foundation of guidelines and SOPs for the running of the society.
We have a new Executive Council, the average age of which is much lower than in the previous years. This is a very healthy trend, and with this young EC, we are already experiencing the tremendous enthusiasm and energy in all our initiatives. The last couple of years have been extremely difficult for all of us, as individuals, as doctors and as a society. We have not been able to have any physical meetings, and many of our regular activities were placed on hold. However, as a society, we followed the world trend and started multiple virtual (extremely popular and successful) initiatives including the Webinar series and the Examonline. We were also able to successfully conduct a completely Virtual NSICON in December 2021.
This year, we are planning for, and hoping to get some, if not many, of our initiatives up and running. Each member of the Executive Council has been given a portfolio to spearhead and take forwards and this I hope will enable us to gear up and meet the challenges that come our way. We also have a new Board of Education, which again has a very exciting mix of senior and mid-level members. As education is one of our main activities round the year, we have included the CME Convenor and Chair Webinar Committee in the BOE,with the office bearers of the NSI, being ex-officio members.
We are also planning to become more visible in the Social Media platforms, with a complete revamping of our website. The NSICON 2022 will be organised at Agra as a physical meeting, and the organisers are planning for a wonderful meeting there. I do hope that we shall all be able to meet and enjoy each other’s company and the academic feast once again – this time physically.
Taking over this prestigious post of Hon Secretary of the NSI, I promise to help make this Society meaningful, vibrant, and communicative, more than it already is; but in this I would be requesting all your support and help. Please do write to me if there is any issue, clarification, question or doubt and I shall try my very best to answer and revert at the earliest. Thanking you all once again
Wishing each one of you all the very best for the coming years.
Dr Krish Sridhar
Hon Secretary
Neurological Society of India,

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The Neurological Society of India is the apex body representing neuroscientists in India. Since its inception, the Society has been involved in organising seminars and conferences to initiate interaction between practicing neurologists and keeping the neuroscientist community up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. The Society also conducts a continuing medical education programme, the first of its kind to be introduced in India.

The Education Cell of NSI has been conducting a lot of activities to benefit both the residents as well as the members of the society.Education Cell conducts Mock Exams, conducts Instructional Courses, has travel fellowship exams for the residents and conducts CME’s and Instructional Courses for the members of the society. As a part of a new academic initiative of NSI Studios, we are starting a monthly webinar from November 2018.

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the initiation of a new academic forum on our NSI website. This will give all of us an opportunity to test our academic acumen, disseminate knowledge and enhance our communication with each other.

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